:: Красно-желтые дни (t) LXE
:: Песня без слов (t) LXE
:: Одно лишь слово (t) LXE
:: Мама (t) LXE
:: Хочу быть с тобой (t) LXE
:: Алюминиевые огурцы (t) LXE
:: Спокойная ночь (t) VZ


Справка. Группа "КИНО" возникла... Да Вы что, в самом деле не в курсе?)))

Переводы текстов Виктора Цоя естественным образом выросли у нас из Проекта имени Майка Науменко (а здесь, наконец, обрели самостоятельную жизнь). Об экспериментах Джоанны Стингрей мы узнали лишь через год, а их расшифровок и вовсе в глаза не видели. Но очень хотели бы.

\\ источник: Красно-желтые дни

Rainy glass and a smell of strong tea,
It's too cold to get up but it's time.
My wind outside is still waiting for me,
Sharp drops at the roof remind me the rhyme:

Past the red-n-yellow days
a new winter will begin and die.
Calm yourself, my half, don't cry,
There's no pressing BackSpace.
And I'll get home again
A-riding or maybe underfoot,
In an armor of steel or maybe wood
But as soon as I can.

Tell me now, uncover the cards,
Of the victims of garbage and crime,
Of the shrine of lost and broken hearts
And of those who enter this shrine.

Once I dreamed the world was governed with love,
And I felt the world was driven with flame,
And I've seen the blissing sunshine above,
But what I see now's nothing but shame.

\\ источник: Песня без слов

Soundless song, sleepless night,
Ask more and get your Access Denied,
Give every sea its handful of rain,
Give every chest its measure of pain,
Leave every Humpty to sit on a wall,
Leave every Dumpty to have a great fall,
Give every dog its kennel and teeth
and give every wolf its moon and its heath.

Treacherous morning leaks pale and white,
Early dawn challenges me to fight.
And hiding my
face, I feel on my feet
enemy land to the edge of sight.

Every toy has its place in the game,
If you see smoke, ask for the flame.
Every your step must leave a trail,
Every betrayer must be in jail.
Is it for you not to dirty your knees?
Is it for you to accept as it is?
Are you ready for trick or treat
Entering the hill of your dais or hot seat?

\\ источник: Одно лишь слово

Wires of strings, juice through the hands,
The receiver boils in a staggering voice, 'See you', and hangs.
With my coat and scarf left at the nail,
With my gloves in the pockets morning looks remote and pale,
it mends.

But some strange noise alarms my ears,
Either heartbeat or knocks at the gate.
And I leave you no smile, no tears,
No words except my only, 'Wait'.

I'll be back to the station and back to the train,
And the trainman will come, check if my ticket's true, ooo...
No rest through the night,
and again the roaring wheels will reming me your quiet 'See you'.

\\ источник: Мама

Seeds have been scattered now, seeds lie under the sun,
Wait for the rain,
Uncover my chest, take a look inside,
you will see the insides are burnt with flame.
Not a single day later,
Not a single minute later,
Not a click later the time is up,
Smash their gates if you got no key,
got no time to explain.
Mother, I know that we've gone mad.
Mother, I know that we are all insane.

Steel in your fingers, balancing fists
Fall striking above the palm, hurting the flesh,
Cutting the venes of frozen still juice,
Poisonous juice.
The world blown up, the bleeding forehead,
The cities of smoking ash,
And somebody's crying, and somebody's not,
and someone is glad,
laughing and glad.
Mother, I know that we've gone mad.
Mother, I know that we are all insane.

And you must be stronger,
you must be able to say, 'Hands off',
'Take'em off me',
Yes, you must be stronger, or what is your reason to be?
What is the value of hundreds of words
when you get asked for the toughness of hands?
You get coming face to face down the beach
and weighing your chance to cross the sea.
Mother, I know that we've gone mad.
Mother, I know that we are all insane.
Everyone has gone mad,
Mother, I know that we are all insane.

\\ источник: Хочу быть с тобой

We haven't seen the true sunlight for several days,
Tired limbs have lost their strength during this trip.
I wanna enter the building but here ain't no gates,
Hands are touching the bricks outside in the street,
I wanna enter upstairs!

I have rubbed my nails to the bone against the metal of strings,
I've been to many lakes but never been to the sea,
Clowns under the top of the dome don't hear the rings,
You're there behind the something I cannot see,
I wanna be near you!
Near you!

I wonder how I manage to live since I was born,
Winds blow twenty meters a second, steady and plain,
Yesterday I had books to read, now paper to burn.
I wanna go on but I am jammed by the rain,
I wanna be near you!
Near you!

\\ источник: Алюминиевые огурцы

Welcome, you losers!
Welcome, you winners!
Stand dazing at my window sill
and throw me your little fingers,
as I am planting aluminium cucumber trees
In a cellophane desert.

A team of Irish preachermen
Remind me more and more again
That it's all waste and no game,
It's no sales and no profits to retain,
but I am planting aluminium cucumber trees
In a cellophane desert.

A noisy spider with a fiddle
Attacks my collar like a spy,
It spurs my neck with nails and needles,
Investigates the riddle why,
what for
I am planting aluminium cucumber trees
In a cellophane desert.

Staples, stacks and stickers,
Buttons, bullets, sockets
Will lie beneath my harvest tracks
And fall inside the pocket,
fall inside the sac
Wher' I am planting aluminium cucumber trees
In a cellophane desert.

\\ источник: Спокойная ночь [перевод на иврит]

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